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Reverse Vending Machines

TOMRA is the world leader in reverse vending. Find out more about our cutting-edge machines that promote innovative, efficient and sustainable recycling.

Reverse vending machines

TOMRA is the global leader in reverse vending, with over 82,000 machines installed across more than 60 markets. We’re committed to providing an efficient and sustainable solution for handling the return of recyclable drinks containers.

TOMRA provides a wide range of reverse vending machines, suitable for different types of markets and applications – from the smallest corner shop to the largest hypermarket. Our reverse vending machines use industry-leading sensor technology, and efficient sorting and storage, to create a sustainable recycling solution that benefits businesses, consumers and the environment. 

Using a TOMRA reverse vending machine is easy, convenient and rewarding – ensuring bottles and cans can be turned back into drinks containers. This helps reduce waste, save energy and  lessen reliance on the raw materials required to produce new ones. 

Reverse vending machines by TOMRA

Our systems can be are segmented into two product families:

Take a look at our product range here in the UK:

Product range




T-9 is TOMRA's new flagship front-end model for stores handling medium to high volumes of non-refillable and refillable containers and crates. T-9 is equipped with TOMRA Flow Technology™, the world's first 360-degree RVM container recognition, enabling machine capabilities unique to the industry.

  • Faster
  • Cleaner
  • Available in two models


MultiPac™ is designed to maximize uptime and user friendliness — allowing store personnel to spend more time on other important tasks, and your customers to return their empties more quickly and begin shopping. MultiPac™ accepts cans, refillable and non-refillable glass and PET bottles, as well as crates.

  • Continuous operation
  • High-volume capacity
  • Intuitive


EasyPac™ is building on TOMRA’s award-winning intuitive and functional design. The space-efficient EasyPac™ is the perfect fit for TOMRA’s front-end machines based on TOMRA Flow Technology™. Together they represent the next generation of reverse vending solutions, taking full advantage of the unique benefits of the groundbreaking TOMRA Flow Technology™ — smarter, cleaner, faster.

  • Flexible
  • Efficient
  • Continuous operation


T-70 is specially developed for locations collecting medium volumes of containers. This fast and reliable reverse vending machine has a compact size that makes it an ideal solution for sites with limited space.

  • Fast and easy
  • Engaging
  • Smart