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TOMRA's Business Strategy

Creating value through two strong business areas


Beginning with the invention of the world’s first reverse vending machine in 1972, all the way to providing the most innovative sensor-based sorting solutions today, TOMRA has continuously redefined what it means to be resourceful.

TOMRA has experienced rapid growth throughout its 47-year history. Growth has been driven by a number of strategic shifts involving a combination of organic initiatives and acquisitions. The sum of these developments has shaped a company that today is organized in two strong business areas: TOMRA Collection Solutions and TOMRA Sorting Solutions.

We know that what matters to our customers is to increase productivity and revenues, while ensuring the best quality products. In order to be positioned at the forefront to meet our customers’ demands, we have gone through a transformation. We have gathered all company brands into one, strong, unified TOMRA, focused on pursuing one common mission: to create sensor-based solutions for optimal resource productivity. 


Reverse vending – transforming behavior

TOMRA is the undeniable leader in the field of reverse vending of used beverage containers with an estimated 75% market share globally. With a solutions portfolio that is able to fit almost any need, we’re optimizing the handling of used containers in a wide range of business environments. Our continuous research, development and innovation ensure that our customers will have the benefit of the best lifetime value and highest operational ease of any system out there.

The reverse vending customer value proposition:

  • Reduced costs
  • Clearing of deposits
  • High consumer convenience

See Reverse Vending for more information.

Material recovery services – transforming efficiency

In Europe, container collection happens in cooperation between the beverage industry and food retail. In the US, there is no such infrastructure. Therefore, TOMRA has developed material recovery services as an enabler to sell reverse vending machines. From logistics to materials processing, and materials marketing and trading to recycling, out Materials Recovery business is integrated throughout the container recycling value chain, and has an estimated 60% market share in markets served.

The Material Recovery customer value proposition:

  • Supply chain management
  • Accountability and integrity
  • Environmental benefits

See Material Recovery for more information.


The three business streams within TOMRA Sorting Solutions – Food, Recycling, and Mining, come together in a common sensor-based technology portfolio based on a core technology that is the eyes and brains of sorting and processing.

The TOMRA Sorting strategy

TOMRA Sorting focuses on geographical expansion through aggressive targeting of promising regions and markets, and leveraging market presence across entire portfolio. Further, we engage in M&A to consolidate market and enter new business streams.

Maintaining technology leadership position by continuing to invest heavily in R&D, bringing new and enabling technology to the market, and further development of partner network is also a key focus.

We aim to establish cost leadership from utilization of market leader position to maximize economies of scale effect, and effective sourcing in combination with product friendly R&D.

Food – Securing quality, efficiency, and productivity

TOMRA Food provides world-class sorting, peeling and process analytics solutions for a wide range of food production applications. TOMRA’s Food business stream has an estimated 25% market share (within both the bulk sorting and lane sorting sectors), helping its customers maximize yield and streamline their operations to ensure safe, high-quality food for consumers. 

The Food customer value proposition:

  • Operational efficiency reduces cost
  • Assured consumer food quality and safety
  • Increased revenues

See Food for more information.

Recycling – transforming efficiency and quality

TOMRA’s Recycling business offers more than 25 different sorting applications that separate a wide range of valuable fractions, including plastics, metals, and paper from waste. Our systems reduce the need for the extraction of primary raw materials, making them an important part of the Resource Revolution. Recycling has an estimated 55-65% market share and an ever growing relevance in a world where resource productivity must increase in order to ensure sustainable development.

The Recycling customer value proposition:

  • Reduces costs
  • Increases revenues
  • Ensures consistent, stable and fast operation
  • Increased access to resources

See Recycling for more information.

Mining – Finding mindful solutions

Material handling, product recognition, and pressured air rejection are brought together by TOMRA Sorting Solutions Mining in a robust and tested system, which reliably separates valuable mineral ores from waste rock. TOMRA’s Mining business stream has an estimated 40%-60% market share and is already contributing to more energy-efficient and cost-effective pre-concentrations, as well as to material recovery, in what is still a market in its early youth.

The Mining customer value proposition:

  • Cost savings
  • Environmental benefits

See Mining for more information.