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Ines Hartwig

"Working in a growing industry like Recycling – just being part of it – makes me proud."
Ines Hartwig works as a  Product Manager for TOMRA Sorting Solutions, in the Recycling business stream

Ines, an electrical engineer specialized in plant and automation engineering, first started working for TOMRA (then CommoDaS) as a development engineer for hard- and software. In this position, she was responsible for software development and installation of a special automation machine which was soldering solar cells together, including image processing and full automation.

She also took part in developing the first generation of the existing product TITECH finder, software testing before release to customers, and joined a number of installations. For one and a half years, Ines ran the test center in Wedel, Germany (link to info), where she was responsible for customer tests for both recycling and mining.

In her current role as Product Manager for Recycling, Ines is responsible for managing the product portfolio for Recycling. In this position she is the interface between the Sales and Technology Departments. Ines is specifying new ideas based on customer requests, conducting product trainings for Sales people and acting as a contact person for product related questions. She also develops together with Sales and Marketing Department of Recycling the positioning and communication of new products. A typical workday for Ines is anything but typical: Pre-planned tasks may suddenly be rescheduled because of very urgent Sales questions. There’s a lot of travelling for meetings and customer visits, although the latter she would’ve liked to have even more time for. All this is taken care of while she is keeping current projects running and collecting all necessary information.

Ines serves many different industries in her job – from waste sorting or metal recycling to gemstone recovery. “Because of the flexibility of our products and the number of available sensor technologies, it never gets boring”, she says. “Also the worldwide presence and many different nationalities make it very interesting and it’s a lot of fun to work with all these people. Working in a growing industry like Recycling – just being part of it – makes me proud.”

There is a high degree of independence and flexibility in her job: “Having the chance to self-organize my work is what I really enjoy. To do what I feel needs to be done, plan all necessary steps, set the priorities and organize everything – of course all this needs to be aligned with the overall strategy.”