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We are TOMRA

Read more about some of the more than 4,300 people that make up TOMRA:

#WeAreTOMRA: Meet Dustin, Field Service Technician

Since September 2013 I have worked as a service technician in the Haugesund area in the western part of Norway. I am responsible for the operation and maintenance of TOMRA reverse vending machines in my area, serving 134 customers with a total of 136 machines. I love the freedom of working by myself and taking the full responsibility for my district. It is a big district, covering the area between the cities of Bergen and Stavanger. 


#WeAreTOMRA: Meet Rèmi, Charity Partnerships Manager

I am the Charity Partnerships Manager at TOMRA Collection Australia, part of the Marketing team. I started part-time in April 2018, only a few months after the launch of the container deposit scheme in New South Wales. My main responsibility is to manage our donation partnership program, help educate our donation partners (schools, sports clubs, community groups, and charities, both local or international) and encourage them to participate in the scheme, raise funds for their cause, and engage with the community.


#WeAreTOMRA: Meet Kellie, Marketing & Communication Manager

I am the marketing and communication manager for the U.S. here at TOMRA, and have been with the company for five years. In my role, I am responsible for a variety of marketing and communication initiatives for our region such as public relations, social media, customer relations, trade shows and events, charitable programs and branding projects.



#WeAreTOMRA: Meet Lorraine, People and Organisation Manager

I am the People and Organisation Manager for Dublin, I also support colleagues in the UK, India and Japan. My role involves developing and implementing P&O strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy. On a daily basis I work with the management team on topics like performance management, training, talent development, succession planning, recruitment, onboarding and employee engagement.