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Report - "Rewarding Recycling: Learnings from the World’s Highest-Performing Container Deposit Return Systems"

Download TOMRA’s new report revealing best practices in deposit return system design for beverage container recycling

Learn the success factors of the leading deposit return systems

TOMRA DRS white paper

As policymakers around the world are confronted with increasing calls from the public to address plastic pollution, rising recycling costs, and adoption of a “circular economy", they are revisiting one of the most successful recycling policies: deposit return systems for beverage containers.

TOMRA has over 45 years of experience in deposit return systems for empty bottles and cans, and its operations span every major container deposit market in the world. This provides a unique perspective on what can be learned from the past – and what the future may look like. 

In "Rewarding Recycling: Learnings from the world's highest-performing container deposit return systems", TOMRA discusses:

  • What effective deposit return systems deliver
  • The four key principles and twelve elements high-performing deposit return systems share
  • Dozens of case studies on real-world implementation of deposit return policy


Please get in touch on GovAffairs@TOMRA.com if you would like to discuss the report further.


Discover the 12 elements of the leading deposit return systems:


Image name
Element #1: Broad scope of beverages and containers
Image name
Element #2: Minimum deposit value
Image name
Element #3: Return-rate target
Image name
Element #4: Convenient redemption system for consumers
Image name
Element #5: Separately charged and fully refundable deposits
Image name
Element #6: Container deposit markings for consumers, barcodes for accurate counting
Image name
Element #7: Extended producer responsibility financing
Image name
Element #8: Reinvestment of unredeemed deposits and material revenue within the system
Image name
Element #9: Recycled content requirements
Image name
Element #10: Centralized, non-profit administration and operations
Image name
Element #11: Government reporting and consumer communications
Image name
Element #12: Government-regulated outcomes

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Learn from the world’s highest-performing container deposit return systems. Please register to download.
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