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Reverse Vending Machines

We provide a wide range of solutions suitable for different types of markets and applications — from the smallest corner store to the largest hypermarket.

Product range




T-9 is TOMRA's new flagship front-end model for stores handling medium to high volumes of non-refillable and refillable containers and crates. T-9 is equipped with TOMRA Flow Technology™, the world's first 360-degree RVM container recognition, enabling machine capabilities unique to the industry.

  • Faster
  • Cleaner
  • Available in two models


T-820 is a premium front-end machine for stores handling medium to high volumes of non-refillable and refillable containers and crates. T-820 is fast in use and is designed to meet high demands.

  • Fast in use
  • Optional Promo touch edition
  • Available in four models


Tailored for stores with a low to medium volume and a large percentage of refillable containers.

  • Basic functionality
  • Clean design
  • Available in two models


MultiPac™ is designed to maximize uptime and user friendliness — allowing store personnel to spend more time on other important tasks, and your customers to return their empties more quickly and begin shopping. MultiPac™ accepts cans, refillable and non-refillable glass and PET bottles, as well as crates.

  • Continuous operation
  • High-volume capacity
  • Intuitive


EasyPac™ is building on TOMRA’s award-winning intuitive and functional design. The space-efficient EasyPac™ is the perfect fit for TOMRA’s front-end machines based on TOMRA Flow Technology™. Together they represent the next generation of reverse vending solutions, taking full advantage of the unique benefits of the groundbreaking TOMRA Flow Technology™ — smarter, cleaner, faster.

  • Flexible
  • Efficient
  • Continuous operation


T-90 is specially developed for stores requiring a fast and intuitive reverse vending machine, with high storage capacity built in. TOMRA’s all-in-one InPac machines are the ideal solution for stores needing a space-efficient reverse vending machine. Featuring TOMRA Flow Technology™, the T-90 recognizes containers instantly without rotation, increasing return speed and enabling the possibility to accept all types of container shapes.

  • Modern design
  • Smart and simplified
  • Flexible


T-70 is specially developed for locations collecting medium volumes of containers. This fast and reliable reverse vending machine has a compact size that makes it an ideal solution for sites with limited space.

  • Fast and easy
  • Engaging
  • Smart

T-70 TriSort

The T-70 TriSort is a fully operational standalone reverse vending machine that can handle up to three material types inside. Ideal for medium return volumes of all types of refillable and non-refillable containers.


T-63 HCp Dual Cabinet

T-63 Dual is a TOMRA InPac™ reverse vending solution for up to two material types, ideal for medium return volumes of non-refillable containers yet requiring little space.

  • Double cabinet and two-way sorting
  • Interfaces equipment for refillables
  • Through-wall installation possible


T-53s is a TOMRA InPac™ reverse vending solution with a clean and robust design for versatile placement ideal for low to medium return volumes of non-refillable containers.

  • Durable and robust
  • Versatile
  • Available in ADA-compliant version

H-10 & H-11

The H-10 and H-11 reverse vending machines offer a clean and robust design, ideal for receiving low to medium volumes of containers. 

  • Engaging
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to place

Bulk Collection

This industrial-grade redemption equipment integrates a robust design and construction with highly accurate sorting sensors that can handle all types of containers in different materials, shapes and sizes, including one-way and refillable glass containers.

  • Reliable
  • Scalable
  • Takes all