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T-63 HCp Dual Cabinet

T-63 Dual is a TOMRA InPac™ reverse vending solution for up to two material types, ideal for medium return volumes of non-refillable containers yet requiring little space.

T-63 HCp Dual Cabinet is a freestanding machine with integrated sorting and compaction of empty non-refillable single beverage containers. The accumulation capacity is tailored to stores receiving medium to high volumes of empties, minimizing the need for frequent emptying and securing efficient up-time.

Key features

Double cabinet and two-way sorting

  • Various accumulation layouts possible
  • Can sort per material type
  • Can also commingle in bins if desired

Interfaces equipment for refillables

  • Can be completed with a solution for refillable containers, PET and/or glass
  • Can add either a table or a SoftDrop™

Through-wall installation possible

  • Available with rear door for through-wall installations
  • All emptying can be done from the back  i.e. not visible for consumers