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05 December 2018

New South Wales has collected its one billionth container!

Almost exactly one year after its launch date, the Return and Earn deposit return scheme celebrates the collection of its one billionth container.

27 November 2018

TOMRA discusses deposit return at Scottish Grocers’ Federation conference

TOMRA appeared at the 2018 Scottish Grocers' Federation Conference to discuss the opportunities of deposit return schemes for UK retailers. 

01 November 2018

TOMRA opens state-of-the-art recycling centres as Queensland Containers for Change scheme launches 

Queenslanders can now return their containers for a 10c refund at any of TOMRA’s 10 recycling centres in Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. 

01 November 2018

Recycling goes paperless: TOMRA first to launch digital vouchers for container recycling payout

TOMRA Collection Solutions has become the first reverse vending provider to offer digital vouchers as a payout option for container deposit schemes, where consumers receive refunds when they return their empty bottles and cans for recycling at a reverse vending machine.

05 October 2018

Local organisations can now raise funds through Return and Earn

New South Wales, Australia - Do you know a local sporting club, school, community groups or not for profit looking for a new and easy way to fundraise? If so, Return and Earn reverse vending machines could be the answer!

26 September 2018

TOMRA to recruit up to 2000 new employees globally 

TOMRA, a leading provider of technology for enhancing resource productivity, is preparing for unprecedented predicted growth by hiring 1000-2000 new employees globally over a five-year period. These positions will be spread across both sides of the company, TOMRA Collection Solutions and TOMRA Sorting Solutions. 

04 September 2018

TOMRA appointed as a container refund point operator for Queensland container deposit scheme 

Global sensor-based solutions provider and reverse vending leader TOMRA will run 10 container refund points for a new container deposit scheme in the Australian state of Queensland.

20 August 2018

How do container deposit schemes work? 

Around the world, demand is growing for countries to increase their recycling rates for bottles and cans, as a means to fight litter and ocean plastic and conserve scarce resources. To meet this challenge, many regions are considering container deposit schemes, which see up to almost 100% of all drink containers returned for recycling. Learn more about what container deposit schemes are and how they work. 

30 July 2018

Kristine's eXXpedition diary: The final week

TOMRA circular economy communicator Kristine M. Berg shares her experiences on board the final week of the eXXpedition voyage's first leg, as the crew discusses solutions to marine litter and approaches land at last.

15 July 2018

Kristine's eXXpedition Diary: Marine Litter Research

TOMRA circular economy communicator Kristine M. Berg shares her experiences on board the second week of the eXXpedition voyage, as the crew measures marine litter in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

06 July 2018

Kristine's eXXpedition Diary: The Voyage Begins

TOMRA circular economy communicator Kristine M. Berg shares her experiences on board the first week of the eXXpedition voyage as they set sail for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

25 June 2018

Hitting the seas: Beach Clean Day 2018

TOMRA circular economy communicator Kristine M. Berg joined a voyage along the south-western coastline of Norway to clean beaches and raise awareness of marine litter.

25 June 2018

All-women’s scientific research expedition sets sail across the North Pacific gyre investigating solutions to ocean plastic pollution

Today ‘eXXpedition North Pacific’, in collaboration with recycling innovators TOMRA, sets sail from Honolulu, Hawaii on a scientific research mission led by award-winning British skipper and ocean advocate Emily Penn to investigate solutions to the devastating impact of single-use plastic and toxics in the world’s oceans. 

15 June 2018

Taking a dive into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

This summer, TOMRA will be sailing with ocean plastic research mission eXXpedition, documenting marine litter in the North Pacific Ocean. eXXpedition will sail through the gyre of plastic pollution known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

08 June 2018

Setting sail: Meet TOMRA's eXXpedition crew member

As TOMRA announces its support of ocean plastic research mission eXXpedition, meet the TOMRA colleague rolling up her sleeves on board the voyage and sharing her expertise in solutions for protecting oceans.

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