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05 June 2019

By land and by sea, why the fight against plastic pollution is just as important on our own home turf

To mark World Environment Day, TOMRA looks at the issues surrounding land-based plastic waste and how it is damaging both our wildlife and the environment. 

08 May 2019

TOMRA welcomes Scotland's landmark deposit return scheme

The Scottish Government’s announcement today that an ambitious and wide-ranging deposit return scheme (DRS) will be introduced has been hailed as “groundbreaking” by TOMRA.

17 April 2019

"Turning off the tap" for rising marine litter

A million plastic bottles are sold every minute. TOMRA has made it its mission to stop them reaching the ocean.

10 April 2019

TOMRA reaches 40 billion milestone

Record return rates for resource sustainability company TOMRA

08 March 2019

TOMRA celebrates International Women's Day

Today on International Women’s Day, TOMRA Collection Solutions spotlights three women making waves on three continents and in three different leadership roles across TOMRA: Wei Ma, Anneli Forsman and Anne-Marie Fleurant.

18 February 2019

TOMRA launches NSW’s most advanced beverage recycling center in Granville

TOMRA has launched a new world-class beverage recycling center in Granville, the first of its kind in New South Wales, Australia. Due to the high volume of containers being returned at the scheme’s top performing reverse vending machine, in Granville, the Sydney suburb has been chosen as the location for New South Wales’ first state-of the-art TOMRA recycling center.

08 February 2019

How European policymakers can create a circular economy

There has been a seismic shift in public attitudes to waste and recycling recently, and policymakers have been implementing ambitious targets and new regulation all over the world. The European Union is no exception, having announced a series of new laws that will undoubtedly change the way EU Member States recycle and view waste in the future.

23 January 2019

Chinese Sword and 'no-deal’ Brexit could create golden opportunity for UK waste industry

As Brexit discussions intensify, the question remains: can the UK domestically manage the 3.6 million tons of waste currently exported to the European Union every year?

03 January 2019

A guide to closed-loop recycling

A staggering 1.4 trillion cans and bottles are used across the globe every year, but shockingly only 9% are being recycled. 14% are incinerated and an even larger proportion of the world’s plastic bottles and cans are going into our oceans, streets and landfills. 

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