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Reverse vending solutions for beverage container recycling

We provide a wide range of machines and systems suitable for different types of customers, markets and applications — from the smallest convenience store to the largest bottle depot, as well as grocery retailers of any size.

Our solutions are divided into five product lines:

  • Mini: Low volume reverse vending machines for convenience and small stores in need of a space-efficient recycling solution.
  • Standalone: Low to medium volume reverse vending machines for small and medium stores that require a space-efficient recycling solution with good storage capacity.
  • Flexible: Medium to high volume, modular reverse vending systems for medium and large stores that require a tailormade recycling solution with greater storage capacity.
  • RevolutionHigh volume, modular reverse vending systems for large stores looking to offer a premium recycling experience.
  • Expert: High to extreme high volume, modular counting and sorting systems for beverage wholesalers, logistic centers, system operators, bottle depots, redemption centers and industrial facilities.

Product range



H10 & H11

Reliable reverse vending machines for convenience and small stores in need of a space-efficient and straightforward recycling solution.

TOMRA T70 Single & Dual

The benefits of recycling have a place in every space. Just one square meter is enough for start-to-finish recycling with the T70 Single, or choose the T70 Dual to accept and store even more.

TOMRA T70 TriSort

Get the most flexibility in the smallest footprint. The T70 TriSort accepts the widest range of containers in a standalone machine, with plenty of storage to hold it all.


All-in-one efficiency with the most space for storage. You can experience continuous operation even during your busiest times with the T90, which accepts the most returnables of any standalone RVM.

TOMRA T9 with EasyPac

The most flexible way to meet your high-volume needs. The T9 with EasyPac can be configured for maximum space efficiency while delivering a fast and easy recycling experience to a steady stream of happy customers.

TOMRA T9 with MultiPac

This answer to high volume can do double duty. Accept containers from two customers at once with a single backroom unit, and seamlessly handle a steady stream of containers with our most efficient single-feed RVM.

TOMRA R1 & T9 with MultiPac Air

Recycling just got more WOW with the new TOMRA R1 multi-feed reverse vending machine. Your customers simply pour in all their containers at once, collect their voucher and go shopping.

TOMRA E1 Rücknahmezentrum

Meet the demands of business today and prepare for tomorrow. TOMRA E1 Rücknahmezentrum is simple to use, intuitive to maintain, and can be configured to process high volume in a small, flexible footprint. Available only in the German market.