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TOMRA R1 & T9 with MultiPac Air

Recycling just got more WOW with the new TOMRA R1 multi-feed reverse vending machine. Your customers simply pour in all their containers at once, collect their voucher and go shopping.


Collects over 100 cans and plastic bottles in one go


Collects over 100 cans and plastic bottles in one go

Up to 5x faster than using a single-feed machine, customers simply pour all of their containers in at once, collect their deposit refund and then go shopping.

Delivers an easy, mess-free recycling experience

Your customers can fight plastic pollution without getting their hands sticky.

State-of-the-art equipment

Your TOMRA R1 comes with our flagship single-feed and backroom solutions – TOMRA T9 and MultiPac Air – so you can offer your customers high system speed and capacity when they’re recycling. Plus, our accessible product design and unique operator interface screen inside the TOMRA R1 makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Fully connected for a smarter experience

Make your TOMRA R1 & T9 with MultiPac Air system even more powerful by using TOMRA’s digital tools to engage customers, drive sales and run your system more efficiently.

Hear from store managers at TOMRA R1 test stores:

  • The machine is absolutely fantastic! Customers love it, and we definitely have customers coming to the store because of it. Since installing the machine, we have experienced over 200% growth in the volume of containers compared to the year before.
  • All our customers are surprised ‘What? Don’t I have to do more? I just pour them in?’ Our experience is that the machine attracts more customers to the store, and if they recycle here, they shop here!”
  • I am really happy with it. Customers come to our store to recycle, and then do their shopping here too. We recently had two new competitors move next door, but we are still experiencing growth. I believe the new machine is a contributing factor.