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Corporate Governance

At TOMRA corporate governance is defined to include those processes and control features which have been established to protect the interests of TOMRA’s shareholders and other stakeholders such as employees, suppliers and customers.


Corporate Governance Policy

Corporate Governance Policy, Core Values and Leadership Principles are aligned to ensure sustainable development of TOMRA. The company's Corporate Governance Policy outlines the role of the Board and its various committees, the criteria for independence of the directors, the guidelines for the compensation of the Board, as well as other pertinent items relevant to corporate governance. TOMRA's complete Corporate Governance Statement is available here

Corporate Responsibility Policy

TOMRA recognizes that its operations impact a range of stakeholder groups, including shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers and society at large. To manage this impact, TOMRA has established a set of principles which are used, together with our Code of Conduct and Corporate Governance Policy, to guide the company's business practices worldwide. Go to the Corporate Responsibility section for more information.

Investor Relations Policy

TOMRA endeavours to provide its shareholders and the financial markets with information in so much detail and so frequently that the TOMRA share price correctly reflects the underlying values and the future growth potential of the company. An important element in achieving this goal is the coordination of meetings in Europe and North America after every quarter. In addition, management seeks to make itself available for meetings with analysts and investors upon request. All important information affecting TOMRA is reported immediately, and such information shall be made available to all players in the financial market on an equal basis.

Shareholder Policy

The principal goal of TOMRA’s shareholder policy is to protect shareholder rights and interests. This goal is achieved by effectively managing the company’s resources in order to generate acceptable short-term operating and financial goals balanced by the costs of investing in projects to secure a pipeline of long-term market opportunitiesfor the company within acceptable risk parameters. TOMRA has no limitations on the transferability of shares and has one class of shares. Each share entitles the holder to one vote.