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As part of TOMRA's share purchase program for employees, approved by the Annual General Meeting 6 May 2019, TOMRA has today sold 129,855 shares at a price equal to today’s closing market share price, i.e. NOK 265.60. Employees who keep their shares for one year will receive one share per five shares invested, i.e. a discount of 16.67%.

In addition, employees participating in last years' share purchase program have today been allotted 25,440 shares. This equals 1 bonus share per 5 shares invested in 2018.

The following primary insiders have been allotted shares: See attachment.

After these transactions TOMRA holds 129,333 treasury shares.

For further information please contact CFO Espen Gundersen, telephone +47 97 68 73 01.

Asker, 20 May 2019