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Investor FAQ


Q: I have some questions regarding investing in TOMRA, who should I contact?
A: You should contact the Investor Relations Officer. Please see the “IR Contacts” link on the Contact us section / Group Contacts.
Q: Where can I obtain more information about TOMRA?
A: There is a lot of information about the company available on our website, such as the company presentations and financial reports which can be found in the Investor Relations section. There are also several sell-side analysts that can provide you with independent research - visit the Analysts page for contact information.

Share price performance, dividends and share buybacks

Q: What is the correct share price of TOMRA?
A: TOMRA does not have an independent view on the "correct" share price of TOMRA stock. We provide the market with frequent and relevant information about our current business and future growth prospects so that the market itself is able to put a "correct" value on TOMRA.

Q: Why has the share price of TOMRA been so volatile historically?
A: There are several reasons for this, the major reason being that TOMRA's growth opportunities are often significant compared to the existing business and linked to political decisions. The market value of TOMRA tends to fluctuate based on the market's assessment of the likelihood of certain decisions being made and the impact of these assessments on the share price tend to be high as significant revenues and profits are at stake.

Q: I need to look up historical share prices in order to provide the tax authorities with correct information regarding my share holdings in TOMRA. Where can I find this information?
A: Click on Stock info on the Investor Relations section. Below the graph you can find the necessary tools for looking up historical share prices.

Q: Who is entitled to the dividend payment?

A: All shareholders on the day of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) are entitled to dividend payment for the previous year. The day after the AGM, the share will be traded ex. dividend.

Q: What is the proposed dividend for this year and when will it be paid out?
A: TOMRA provides an overview of all dividend-related items. Please see Dividends & buy-back program in the Investor Relations section.
Q: I have not received the dividend payment I am entitled to, what do I do?
A: There might be several reasons for this. For instance, you might need to update your profile in VPS. Please contact our account operator DNB. Contact details can be found on the Registrars & Auditor page on the Investor Relations section.

Q: Why is TOMRA buying back shares?
A: Buying back shares is a way of regulating the company's capital structure. A share buyback should be seen as an alternative to extraordinary dividend payouts if the treasury shares are deleted. A detailed description of the mandate, objective and timeline for TOMRA's current share buyback program can be found by clicking on Dividends & buy-back program in the Investor Relations section.

Q: What is the impact of the buyback program on my share holdings?
A: The share price should in theory be unaffected; however, in practice the market often interprets share buybacks as a positive event.

Communication, quarterly presentations, capital markets day, seminars and AGM

Q: Why does not TOMRA send out more press releases about the company's activities?
A: TOMRA is one of the companies on the OSE that submits the most press releases during the year. TOMRA discloses information in accordance with the rules of the Oslo Stock Exchange and immediately informs the market about new and relevant developments. Sometimes disclosures are temporarily postponed in order to protect the company's interests, e.g., in connection with M&A or divestment processes.
Q: Who can attend the quarterly presentations, the capital markets day and the AGM?
A: All current shareholders, potential investors and media representatives are welcome to attend.

Q: When is the annual general meeting?
A: Typically between mid-April and early May.
Q: Where can I find an overview of upcoming events?
A: Please see the Financial Calendar on the main page of the Investor Relations section.

Subscription services, mailing lists and annual report

Q: I would like to be put on TOMRA’s mailing list, how do I do this?
A: Go to the Subscribe page and fill in the appropriate information. Alternatively, contact the IR department.

Q: I am a shareholder in TOMRA but have not received the invitation to the AGM or the annual report. Who do I contact?
A: Please contact the IR department ASAP.