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07 June 2019

TOMRA joins new global alliance to end plastic waste

TOMRA has joined the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, a new global not-for-profit organization which has committed $1.5 billion (€1.35 billion) towards solutions to eliminate plastic waste.

06 June 2019

TOMRA’s CEO discusses plastic waste solutions at World Circular Economy Forum

Plastic waste was top of the agenda at the prestigious World Circular Economy Forum this week. TOMRA’s President and CEO, Stefan Ranstrand, presented at the invitation-only event and debated in a panel on solving the plastics waste crisis.

05 June 2019

By land and by sea, why the fight against plastic pollution is just as important on our own home turf

To mark World Environment Day, TOMRA looks at the issues surrounding land-based plastic waste and how it is damaging both our wildlife and the environment. 

10 May 2019

Green Mining: Recovering Value Hidden in Waste Rock

In the face of climate change and its drastic consequences, monumental shifts in our everyday business activities are required. The mining industry, as a very large consumer of energy, is a prime example of an industry where much can be done to reduce its environmental footprint.

08 May 2019

TOMRA welcomes Scotland's landmark deposit return scheme

The Scottish Government’s announcement today that an ambitious and wide-ranging deposit return scheme (DRS) will be introduced has been hailed as “groundbreaking” by TOMRA.

26 April 2019

TOMRA XRT Technology recovers 1,758 carat diamond

TOMRA Sorting Mining is pleased to announce one of the largest diamonds in recorded history, an unbroken 1,758 carat stone, was recovered by TOMRA XRT sensor technology commissioned by Lucara Diamond Corp at its Karowe Mine in Botswana.

25 April 2019


TOMRA Sorting Recycling extends its offering of high-precision flake sorting solutions with the innovative INNOSORT FLAKE sensor-based solution that combines color and material sorting, reliably removing PVC, metals and opaque flakes. It is the ideal all-in-one sorting solution for plastic recovery facilities, which ensures constant and high-quality output as well as high throughput - at attractive conditions.

17 April 2019

"Turning off the tap" for rising marine litter

A million plastic bottles are sold every minute. TOMRA has made it its mission to stop them reaching the ocean.

1 to 15 of 573