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TOMRA Sorting Food has a range of analysis equipment available for the food industry specifically targeting French fries, peeled potatoes as well as small trim, diced and ground meat. TOMRA Sorting Food offers three types of machines for in-line food analysis and process control.

Fresh and frozen ground meat sorting

Length profiling French fries

The POM/DYN™ length analyser can generate length specifications for French fries from samples using sophisticated shape recognition software that can measure curved products.

Fat analysis for meat

The QVision performs fat, moisture, protein and collagen analysis.

Targeting increased efficiencies and reduced energy usage, these solutions are designed to optimize yield and to tighten control and product quality.

When integrating process analytics equipment into your production, the degree of automation should be considered. The TOMRA process analytics equipment can either automate parts of your process or enable your operators to control the process. In either case, food analysis directly in your production lines will simplify your operating process and help you save time and improve your yield.

Access to production data has another benefit. Having the right data and tools at hand simplifies the daily operation and enables you to focus on profitability and quality.

  • POM/DYN™

    The POM/DYN™ length analyser changes the way statistical quality control is carried out. Its purpose is to generate length specifications from French fries samples.

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  • QVision

    The QVision is a fat, protein and moisture analysis machine for the meat and seafood industry. The QVision analyser allows meat and seafood suppliers to provide a consistent product quality that provides large savings by increasing profitability and simplifying daily operation.

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    TOMRA’s QV-P in-line analyser can reliably detect the muscle myopathy in single chicken fillets or butterflies. This allows to remove wooden breast fillets from the processing line, ensuring consistent end-user quality.

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