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The QVision is a fat, protein and moisture analysis machine for the meat and seafood industry. The QVision analyser allows meat and seafood suppliers to provide a consistent product quality that provides large savings by increasing profitability and simplifying daily operation.

The innovative QVision can analyse both fresh and frozen meat/seafood and it measures fat, moisture, protein and collagen simultaneously and in real-time, delivering highly accurate and consistent results.

The hygienic and robust analyser penetrates far into the meat, up to 20 mm, and measures across the full 500 mm width of its conveyer belt.

The design is open, so all surfaces can be visually inspected and sanitized, using high pressure water.

The QVision is able to analyse up to 30 tons of meat per hour, making it an ideal choice for high volume processors.

This, along with the consistent end product quality and savings generated through reduced lean give-away, helps you to drive up your profits.


The installation of QVision equipment in the cold meat production line allows Salaisons Jouvin to ensure consistent and uniform product quality as well as cutting costs, guaranteeing the uniformity demanded by customers in order to satisfy consumers. Read their testimonial and find out why Salaisons Jouvin decided to partner with TOMRA.

TANN Marchtrenk, Austria’s largest producer of meat products, uses the TOMRA QVision as part of its innovative fat analysis. As a result, the in-line fat analysis process is improved and optimized to deliver a uniformly high-quality product. Read their testimonial.

QVision: overview

  • Data access with daily reports exported or integrated
  • Automated and simplified process
  • Ease of use, minimal training required
  • Consistent long life accuracy

Food applications

  • Ground Meat: fresh and frozen meat, of any grind size, and mechanically separated meat
  • Diced Meat: used for better blending of trim meat or as the initial step in some dried sausage production processes
  • Small Trim: standardization of small trim without grinding or dicing
  • Crabs: analyses the meat content under the shell of a whole crab without touching it, enabling suppliers of crabs to deliver crabs full of meat whereas the rest can be used for other products
  • Poultry: TOMRA can detect chicken wooden breast with an in-line solution

Key features

Sensor Technology

The QVision analyser applies unique interactance spectroscopy technology which measures VIS-Near Infrared light that has penetrated deep into the meat before it is analysed. This feature allows both fresh and frozen food products to be analysed at very high accuracies and capacities.
As the full width of the belt is scanned, and combined with the information from the integrated weigh cell, real-time measurement of the entire product is possible.

Product Benefits

  • Consistent end product quality
  • Large savings in reduced lean give-away
  • Smarter purchasing through quality control of raw materials
  • Reduce human and sampling errors
  • Full quality traceability and documentation of batches
  • Increased throughput
  • Integration possible for automated batch formulation

Advanced Analysis Criteria

The QVision can analyse small trim, ground and diced meat and various seafood products for the following analysis criteria:

  • Fat
  • Moisture
  • Protein
  • Collagen

Technical specification

Capacityup to 30 ton/hr
(L x W x H, mm)
(1,900 x 1,115 x 1,650) / (2,900 x 1,115 x 1,910)
Infeed belt widthN/A
Air pressure input50 litre/min
Electrical consumption500 W