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By implementing the latest x-ray and imaging software technology, metal, stones, pits, glass, high density plastics, etc. from food is removed.

The Ixus™ Bulk x-ray sorting machine provides the safest food sorting solution for customers’ brand protection.


  • X-ray detection with an unmatched resolution
  • Low false reject with precise air ejectors
  • Ease of use with intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)
  • High capacity food sorting machine for high volume processing



Sun Valley Raisins has been in the raisin business for seventy years and has grown into one of the largest growers and processors of California raisins. Read their testimonial and find out why they decided to partner with TOMRA Sorting Solutions.

Read the success story and discover how Uren Novaberry (Poland, fruit industry) provides safer food quality with TOMRA’s Ixus, thereby justifying a premium price.

Read the success story and discover how Elixir Foods (Serbia, fruit industry) explored the food sorting solutions market and decided to partner with TOMRA Sorting Solutions.

Key features

Sensor Technology

The Ixus™ Bulk scans products in bulk to detect foreign material that can be dangerous to your customer. Metal, glass and small rocks (free flowing and embedded) are detected by absorbing more x-rays than the good product. The Ixus™ Bulk can also divide products into different categories (for example, size and shape). The type of x-ray source depends on the product, type of defect and capacity.

The Ixus™ Bulk is very flexible and easy to integrate into the production line and can be used as a complementary or as a stand-alone sorting machine. Implementing an x-ray sorting machine at the beginning of the line will decrease your incoming defect load significantly and will facilitate further processing. At the furthest end of the line, it will minimize the risk of finding anything unwanted in your final product, just prior to packaging.

Product Benefits

  • Superior safety
  • Optimized yield
  • Easy to integrate
  • Flexible
  • Unparalleled throughput

Advanced Sorting Criteria

The Ixus™ Bulk can sort multiple food applications by the following sorting criteria:

  • Foreign material
  • Pit detection

Technical specification

 Ixus Bulk 420Ixus Bulk 570Ixus Bulk 800
(L x W x H, mm)
2,260 x 1,631 x 2,189 mm (89 x 64.2 x 86.2")2,260 x 1,859 x 2,204 mm (89 x 73.2 x 86.8")2,435 x 2,739 x 2,649 mm (95.9 x 107.8 x 104.3")
Infeed belt width1,324 mm (52")1,324 mm (52")835 mm (32.87")
Air pressure input6 - 7 bar6 - 7 bar6 - 7 bar
Electrical consumption1ph: 1.5 kVA1ph: 1.5 kVA1ph: 1.5 kVA