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The Primus optical food sorting machine is a highly efficient and fully automated optical food sorter for all kinds of berries and olives with quick payback for the removal of soft, discoloured products and foreign material.


  • High capacity and low maintenance
  • Flexibility and gentle handling
  • Ease of use with intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)
  • If you require a multiple stream sorting solution, TOMRA Sorting Food offers the Primus Gemini


Read the success story and discover how Blueberry Hills Farms and Heagan Farms (USA, blueberry industry) depend on TOMRA’s Primus sorting machine to quickly and efficiently inspect the harvested product.

The introduction of a TOMRA Primus-D optical belt sorter is providing accurate quality monitoring of blueberries at leading UK soft fruit grower S&A Produce, and has played a key role in enabling the company to pack the product in-house, thereby greatly increasing throughput and cost efficiencies. Read all about it in their testimonial.


Key features

Sensor Technology

The Primus combines the efficiency of laser detection on foreign material such as leaves, stems, insects, plastic and soft produces, with camera sorting on discoloration.

In addition to these conventional sorting methods, the Primus is also capable of sorting based on the chlorophyll level (Fluo™) of the incoming produce.

Especially formed, thin and round transportation belts ensure very gentle product handling, which is crucial while processing a delicate product such as fruit. The air guns reject the unwanted products precisely upwards into a separate reject lane.

Product Benefits

  • Gentle handling ensures increased profitability
  • Higher yield and throughput
  • Reduced labour requirements
  • Increased uniformity of colour in packs
  • Increased yield and profit
  • Extremely fast payback on investment

Advanced Sort Criteria

The Primus can analyze by the following criteria:

  • Chlorophyll
  • Color
  • Damage (hail)
  • Foreign material

Technical specification

 PrimusPrimus Gemini
CapacityDepends on applicationDepends on application
(L x W x H, mm)
1,730 x 1,987 x 3,160 mm (68.1 x 78.2 x 124.4")2,629 x 2,160 x 2,985 mm (103.5 x 85 x 117.5")
Infeed belt width1,110 mm (43.7")1,110 mm (43.7")
Air pressure input6 - 7 bar6 - 7 bar
Electrical consumption1ph: 3kVA1ph: 3kVA