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tomra's food sorting solutions:
your best choice!

TOMRA Sorting offers the widest range of food sorting and peeling equipment available in the food industry today. TOMRA supplies optical sorting solutions for a multitude of food applications, for fresh and processed food, from farm to fork.

The world’s largest peeling solutions

TOMRA Sorting is one of the world’s largest peeling solutions providers. In fact, TOMRA was the first to develop a truly intelligent peeling line!

Inspection solution for the meat industry

Moreover, TOMRA provides an inspection solution for the meat industry with the process analytics in-line analyser.

Trustworthy support and service network

With more than 13,000 food sorters installed worldwide and a trustworthy support and service network, TOMRA provides a global presence and excellent customer service.

Benefits of TOMRA's food sorting machines

Sustainability: fight against food waste

925 million people around the world are suffering from famine. Considering that as much as 30 procent of the food grown ends up wasted, this is an unnecessary tragedy.

TOMRA’s sorting solutions help increase the yield of produce by 5 - 10 procent or as much as 25,000 trucks of potatoes every year.

Do not stand on the sideline and join TOMRA in its fight against food waste!

TOMRA Food sustainability

What about ODENBERG & BEST Sorting?

Together, our legacy brands BEST Sorting and ODENBERG have been around for more than 60 years. Going forward, they will continue to live under the umbrella of the TOMRA brand.

TOMRA bought Ireland-based ODENBERG in 2011, acquiring unique patented technology and leading positions in several fast-growing food sorting and processing industry segments. In 2012, it also purchased BEST Sorting, with headquarters in Belgium, becoming the world’s leading food sorter supplier and gaining an expanded technology portfolio. This combined knowledge strengthens our passion to serve you with the best possible optical food sorting and peeling solutions available on the market today.

For more information about this combined sorting power, read our FAQ.

Key stats: TOMRA's market share

  • Market share: 25 %
  • Geographical diversity: 45 - 50 markets
  • Cyclicality: medium

Role in resource revolution

  • Maximize yield and recovery, while reducing waste
  • Minimize energy and chemical usage
  • Increase productivity through high-capacity sorting
  • Provide consistent, high-quality food assurance
  • Provide consumer food safety assurance