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peanut sorting machines by tomra

TOMRA Sorting has a solution for sorting peanuts. TOMRA’s peanut sorting machines are able to sort in-shell, raw, blanched and roasted peanuts.

TOMRA's sorting machines can detect and remove visible defects such as stones, Johnson grass, nut grass, stalks, stems, raisins, shells, discoloration, soy, bones, wood, corn, soybean, glass, and in-shell as well as invisible to the human eye defects such as aflatoxin.


Aflatoxin is a major issue for Chinese food manufacturers and processors. As the global pioneer in food safety assurance technology, TOMRA has been collaborating with global and Chinese food brands to increase public awareness of the potentially lethal effects of aflatoxin. Recently, Nestlé identified TOMRA as a long-term partner to assure a solid quality control solution, with several of its processing lines across the world installing TOMRA’s state-of-the-art sorters, helping to ensure the quality of raw materials and final food products, meet Nestlé’s uniform global standards. 

In order to address aflatoxin contamination issues, Ruparel Foods turned to TOMRA Sorting Food. Vishal Ruparel, managing director at Ruparel Foods, explains the positive impact this partnership has had on the company. Read all about it in their testimonial.

Read the success story and discover why Sessions Company (USA, peanut industry) chose TOMRA Sorting Solutions as the preferred supplier for optical sorting equipment, guaranteeing quality, limit losses and increased yield.

Also discover how enthusiastic Damascus Peanut Company (USA, peanut industry) was with TOMRA’s laser solution for sorting peanuts.


  • Increased yield
  • Reduced labor requirements
  • Increased throughput
  • Consistent quality

TOMRA’s peanut sorting solutions boost throughput and availability while at the same time increasing yield, quality and food safety.

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