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walnut sorting machines by tomra

TOMRA Sorting has a solution for sorting walnuts. TOMRA’s walnut sorting machines detect and remove shells, septas, red, black and shriveled walnuts, and can sort out various shades of amber and lights in extra, class I and class II walnuts as well as all types of foreign material.


“We turned to TOMRA because, when we looked at the challenges ahead, it soon became clear that TOMRA was going to meet our high requirements and help us to achieve the quality and high throughput in a timely manner. Their years of expertise led to us developing the best walnut sorting solution for our needs.” (Scott Brown, Production Manager at Morada Nut). Read their testimonial here.

One of the major problems Andersen & Sons faced in the past was their inability to identify defects using just laser sorters. Having outgrown its latest walnut sorting machine, they needed something that would meet the company’s specific demands. Discover all about Andersen & Sons buyer's journey and find out why they decided to partner with TOMRA.


TOMRA Sorting Solutions is proud to announce that it has been presented with the 2015 Innovation Award at the World Nut and Dried Fruit Congress which took place in Antalya, Turkey for its groundbreaking Nimbus BSI sorting technology. Read all about it in the latest press release.


  • Increased yield
  • Reduced labor requirements
  • Increased throughput
  • Consistent quality

TOMRA’s sorting solutions boost throughput and availability while at the same time increasing yield, quality and food safety.

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