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 Safe premium petfood, consistent quality

TOMRA’s in-line petfood sorting solutions enhance the quality of your product. They significantly reduce claims and product recalls in a highly competitive industry.

TOMRA FOOD petfood

TOMRA Food introduces an industry-first.

All TOMRA’s in-line petfood sorting solutions can handle the high throughputs that are necessary in the petfood processing industry. With TOMRA’s wide range of mechanical platforms and optical sensors, it has been possible to tailor sorting solutions for the specific challenges of creating petfood with frozen ground meat, dry meat & bone meal, biscuit residue and dry kibble.

The sorting machines are very robust and can deal with harsh, wet or dry and dusty environments. The optical sensors which inspect the product streams have diverse capabilities and differentiate between the good product and the foreign material or cross-contamination based on color, structure or composition. Air-valves on the platforms remove undesired material with precise and powerful air bursts, keeping the processor’s yield to an absolute maximum.

Automated optical inspection of all product and high throughputs.

TOMRA’s in-line petfood sorting solutions run at the same consistency for 24 hours per day and seven days per week and make manual inspection superfluous.

  • Enhance product quality
  • Reduce rework
  • Reduce complaints
  • Reduce recalls
  • Brand protection
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Protect and expand business
  • TOMRA’s advanced sorting solutions bring brand protection to the petfood industry and will be a cornerstone in driving brand loyalty.

    Sorting is vital

    TOMRA FOOD petfood

    Your reputation is on the line and just one mistake can damage it forever. No matter what part of the petfood industry you’re in, sorting is vital. As trusted suppliers, TOMRA knows the challenges that processors face.

    And that’s why we provide you with the best and most comprehensive sensor-based sorting solutions available. These not only secure your reputation but also showcase your power to innovate and change the petfood processing future.

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