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Mining Sorting News

Find out more about the latest news of TOMRA Sorting's mining business and trends in the mining industry.

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10 May 2019

Green Mining: Recovering Value Hidden in Waste Rock

In the face of climate change and its drastic consequences, monumental shifts in our everyday business activities are required. The mining industry, as a very large consumer of energy, is a prime example of an industry where much can be done to reduce its environmental footprint.

26 April 2019

TOMRA XRT Technology recovers 1,758 carat diamond

TOMRA Sorting Mining is pleased to announce one of the largest diamonds in recorded history, an unbroken 1,758 carat stone, was recovered by TOMRA XRT sensor technology commissioned by Lucara Diamond Corp at its Karowe Mine in Botswana.

06 February 2019

TOMRA Congratulates Lucapa Diamond on Outstanding Tender

On February 1st, a historic sale of exceptional large diamonds was offered for sale via electronic tender according to Angola’s new diamond marketing policy. Seven top quality diamonds weighing 498 carats from the Lulo alluvial mine achieved a remarkable average price of US$33,530 per carat.

18 December 2018

TOMRA Spreads Holiday Cheer by Donating to Charities

TOMRA Sorting Germany celebrated a successful year by giving €10,000 to charities nominated and chosen by its employees.

22 November 2018

Celebrating TOMRA Sorting Mining’s Silver Anniversary

Celebrating TOMRA Sorting Mining’s Silver Anniversary –

25 Years of Sustainable Recovery in Mining

28 September 2018

New TOMRA x-ray sorter a game changer for mineral processing

The contribution of X-ray ore sorting to the efficiency of mineral processing is growing, and TOMRA’s new COM XRT 2.0 sorters are taking the value added by this technology to another level.

30 July 2018

TOMRA is now a proud sponsor of the Federation of European Mineral Programs

The Federation of European Mineral Programs (FEMP) organizes and coordinates business support for the European Mining, Minerals and Environmental Program (EMMEP) for students in Resource Engineering, Mining- and Geotechnical Engineering, Mineral Processing, Recycling and related academic studies.

27 September 2017

Peruvian National Award for Innovation in Mining received

The paper presented about the ore sorting project at Minsur, San Rafael, at Perúmin was elected amongst 380 presented papers and awarded the Peruvian National Award for Innovation in Mining. The award was handed over by the Peruvian Minister of Mines and Energy, Rosa María Ortiz last Friday.

28 June 2017

TOMRA showcases new opportunities for quartz and gold processes at AIMEX 2017

TOMRA Sorting Mining, a leading sensor-based sorting systems manufacturer, introduces its innovative multi-channel laser sorting technology at AIMEX, the international Asia-Pacific Exhibition, in Sydney, Australia, from 29-31 August, 2017. The new laser sorting technology will enable quartz and gold processes to achieve higher recovery, better quality and more consistent sorting of quartz material than can be secured using other sensor technologies.

05 June 2017

TOMRA's new multi-channel laser sorting solution is unlocking previously untapped opportunities for quartz processes

In recent years, sensor-based ore sorting has gradually become established, and is now widely used across the mining industry. In a huge quantum leap forward, TOMRA Sorting Mining is now introducing a new multi-channel laser sorting machine which is destined to set entirely new standards within the industry.

31 March 2017

TOMRA celebrates its 45th anniversary following record revenue year

Since its founding on April 1, 1972, TOMRA has progressed from being a pioneer in automated recycling technology to a company today offering a diverse range of sensor-based solutions that are helping to lead a cross-industry revolution toward resource sustainability. 

06 March 2017

New diamond testimonial video campaign launches on 6th March

TOMRA Sorting Mining will introduce an exciting new video testimonial series on 6th March. Created in collaboration with Lucara Diamond, this visual-media initiative is designed to explain the impact TOMRA´s XRT recovery solutions can have on diamond industry processing.

02 March 2017

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17 February 2017

TOMRA XRT Technology Helps Recover Spectacular 227 Carat Lulo Diamond

The 227 carat Type IIa D-colour stone is the biggest diamond recovered at the large diamond recovery circuit at the Lulo mine to date and Angola’s second largest diamond on record.

03 January 2017

Why is sustainability such an important consideration in mining?

Sustainability has always been a key consideration in the mining industry and will continue to shape activity today and beyond.

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