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Mining Separation Technology with sensor combinations for any type of ore

The separation technology developed by TOMRA Sorting Mining maximizes efficiency, precision and speed. Though it works much faster than traditional sorting technologies such as dense media separation, this intelligent system captures even the smallest particle sizes.

Regardless of whether the particle content is diamond, gold, limestone or coal, sensors recognize the target material according to typical characteristics such as color, atomic density, transparency or conductivity. This diverse range of advanced recognition technologies offers the ideal sensor combination for any type of ore. The valuable mineral-bearing rock – for example, a small diamond or a heavy lump of ore – is then selectively extracted using a pulse of pressurized air directed with precision by the high-performance nozzle system.

Materials which pass through the sorting process are often heavy, dusty and abrasive, and thus demand a technological design which is incredibly robust in every respect. TOMRA Sorting Solutions combine material handling, recognition and pressurized air ejection technologies in a thoroughly optimized system which reliably separates valuable mineral ores from waste rock.