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Coal and other Fuels Sorting

Demand for cleaner coal is rising – with power plants putting more effort into quality control and suppliers being held accountable for poor standards.

Coal and other fuels sorting

Coal stone

With carbon emissions becoming ever-more restricted, coal will continue to play a large and indispensable role, says a study on The Future of Coal from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While meeting this demand, today’s mining industry faces many other challenges, including water shortages, growing transport distances and increasing environmental legislation.

Sensor-based sorting before coal transportation is one efficient way to meet these demands. It also provides a consistent, high-quality product, even from high-ash deposits, which leads to higher returns, and can safeguard your status as a trusted coal supplier.

Our flexible fuel sorting systems work effectively with a very wide range of material streams and perform an extensive range of sorting tasks.

Benefits of sensor-based coal & fuel sorting at a glance:

  • Dry, cost-effective ash removal: Sensor-based fuel sorting is a cost-effective, dry-processing and flexible technique, which for example can be applied for de-stoning coarse raw coal at the pit. This leads to producers transporting less low value material and, as de-stoned coal burns better, obtaining higher prices for their output.
  • Heavy-metal removal: Our technology allows pyrite and heavy metal to be detected and separated from coal.