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Ferrous Metal Sorting

Demand for steel is rising with the urbanization and industrialization of the so-called BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The capacity increases required are necessitating the introduction of powerful sensor-based sorting technology.

Ferrous Metal Sorting

Ferrous Metal Sorting // Iron Ore

TOMRA Sorting Solutions offers cost effective and efficient sensor-based sorters for separating iron ore, chrome and manganese. It can be used for creating a lumpy product or rejecting waste, before selling the product to a steel manufacturer or further processing.

Our sensor-based sorting technology flexibly accomplishes many tasks, ensuring fast revenue alongside decreasing processing costs. It also processes low-grade materials such as diluted mining blocks, marginal deposits or waste dumps, increasing deposit exploitation.

Our sorters need no or only little water or process chemicals. Their powerful detection systems recognize heavy metals, carbonate and aluminum content, as well as iron-to-chrome and iron-to-manganese ratios, for example. These functions enable iron content to be minimized, so separation later in the process can be straightforward. The robust machines are also designed for high throughput in 24/7 operations.

Benefits of sensor-based ferrous metal sorting at a glance:

  • Low grade removal: Separating coarse low grade material before it enters further comminution and sorting processes decreases cost and increases productivity significantly.
  • Lumpy ore production: Creating a lumpy product effectively at low cost with flexible plants means fast cash flows and high margins.