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Gemstone Sorting

The price of diamonds has risen consistently over the past 50 years and financial experts worldwide agree this trend will continue far into the future. Modern diamond and gemstone sorting technology is therefore a sound capital investment, increasing profitability and profits.


TOMRA Sorting Solutions delivers these benefits by supplying state-of-the-art sensor-based systems for detecting gemstones and all diamonds - including coated, low-luminescent and Type II, the fluorescent variety. We also offer automated gemstone sorting solutions for concentrations of kimberlite, functioning flexibly and effectively with a very wide range of material streams and performing a broad variety of sorting tasks successfully.

Our gemstone sorters work more efficiently, accurately and quickly than conventional equipment. These cost effective technologies also provide the chance to turn marginal, low-grade deposits or waste dumps into valuable resources.

Benefits of sensor-based gemstone sorting at a glance:

  • High recovery: Highly efficient sorters recover more gems, including coated and low or non-luminescent diamonds, enclosed by other material, at low mass pull. Large diamonds can be recovered prior to the secondary and tertiary crushing stages, involving a certain grain size range.
  • Effective concentration: By creating cost-effective and precise concentrations of kimberlite, prior to liberation and recovery, our systems increase productivity and decrease costs.