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Industrial Mineral Sorting

Major mining companies use sensor-based sorting equipment for industrial mineral processes. The technology separates ore from gangue – unwanted material – on a rock-by-rock basis, delivering reduced dilution, lower strip ratios and transport costs, removed contaminants and optimized process flows.

Talc // Product

Our solution effectively separates same-colored waste materials from valuable minerals, solving a major historic problem for several industries.

Our sensor-based mineral sorters now make it possible to detect coated material, like the industrial mineral chert, and separate it selectively, at a very high throughput rate. Our innovative, field-proven x-ray transmission technology also delivers significantly higher product yields and quality.

Benefits of sensor-based mineral sorting at a glance

  • Contaminant removal: Contaminants can be removed early in the separation process, reducing crushing and classification costs, increasing recovery and enhancing deposit exploitation.
  • Product upgrade: Final product can be produced in higher quantities and with its quality improved, which ultimately means increased revenue.