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Service and Support

Close to our customers – throughout the world! Whether from Alaska to Australia, Greenland to South Africa or from 0 to 5000m altitude, we are continually improving and expanding our worldwide service and process engineer network. This enables us to offer you a first-class after-sales service and comprehensive support.


State-of-the-art sensor-based sorting technology on its own will not guarantee an efficient and profitable operation. By entering into a TOMRA Service Level Agreement will ensure the availability, capacity and recovery performance of the TOMRA equipment. This to guarantee highest possible Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The flexibility of the offering allows you to adapt it to meet the changing needs of your operation over time. We will support you over the entire life-cycle of the sorting system and beyond.

Key Benefits

1 Maximum sorter availability

2 Maintaining optimal feed rate and recovery


3 Ensuring consistent sorting performance

4 Saving costs and time

5 Regular interaction for continuous improvement

6 High customer satisfaction


7 Trained operating staff