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Test and Demonstration Centers - Centers of Sorting Exellence

TOMRA Sorting runs 16 test and demo centers around the globe providing comprehensive services for the development of potential sensor-based sorting projects for the mining, recycling and food industry.

Test and Demonstration Center Mining Sorting

TOMRA Sorting Test Center with mining focus

4 of our 16 Test Centers are solely focused on mining, each providing different testing possibilities—the center at our headquarters in Hamburg (Germany) and one Test Center each in Sydney (Australia), Johannesburg (South Africa), and Moscow (Russia).

TOMRA Sorting provides a broad portfolio of sensor technology. In order to find the best suited sensor combination for any sorting task we offer to our clients typically to start with a feasibility study.

  • Single Rock Testing: At the beginning of a project we apply the full range of TOMRA Sorting’s excitation and sensing approaches to the customers’ samples and collect sensor data. This information we correlate with the assay results on individual rock basis. The feasibility study results finally show the discrimination potential per sensor for a specific sorting task.
  • Industrial Scale Bulk Testing: The results from single rock testing form the basis for the bulk test work we carry out in one of our Test Centers. Our application engineers make sure the right mechanical handling system is equipped with the most promising excitation and sensing system and is adjusted and calibrated for the individual application.
  • Test Reports: Parameters like capacity in tons per hour, recovery rates and purities are recorded and summarized in test reports.
  • Flow Sheet Design: Our team also gives support for the flow sheet development based on the bulk test results.
  • Join the Tests: All our clients have the opportunity to visit our Test Center to join a demonstration or to perform tests on their ore or raw materials and make sure that they get the perfect solution to their sensor-based ore sorting tasks. Our clients are welcome to join the bulk test program and witness the results achieved during the tests.

To visit one of our Test Centers or check your own material in a test, please contact us.