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GREMI 2013

Alau de congressos de Lleida, Spain

24 October 2013


  • An entity with more than 50 years of history (1953).
  • More than 300 companies (employing more than 3200, with more than 1600 industrial vehicles and more than 380 facilities).
  • 73% of the companies operating in the sector in Catalonia are associated with the Gremi (Union). All together, they recover more than 92% of the waste that is treated in this Autonomous Region.
  • All of the unionized companies comply with the regulations in effect and hold an agent and/or carrier code issued by the Catalan Waste Agency (Agència de Residus de Catalunya).
  • Long experience of the current recovery agents in managing and treating all types of materials (these companies have been in business for an average of 56.8 years).