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With up to 320,000 scan points per second, TOMRA Sorting’s high-resolution sensors collect data across multiple characteristics to ensure the precise identification of a wide range of materials.


With an extended temperature range, its point scanning principle focuses only on the area of the conveyer belt that is being scanned. The result: up to 70% reduction in power consumption and lower maintenance levels.

TOMRA'S FLUIDCOOL® LED technology delivers a constant light source and quality resulting in maximum yield stability. The illumination unit enables steady and reproducible sorting results - mostly independent of ambient temperature changes. Coupled with a dual technology sensor system, TOMRA'S FLUIDCOOL® leads to unsurpassed color detection and recovery of materials with high purity levels - even with very fine material grains.

With TOMRA's revolutionary SUPPIXX® image processing technology, resolution levels are enhanced by eight times and "noise" caused by mechanical and electrical influences are completely eliminated. In applications where throughput and material density play a factor, the accuracy of SUPPIXX® technology results in the reduction of lost product yield. Customers benefit from this exceptional level of resolution, making it possible to identify event the finest particles with great precision and subsequently separate them with a high degree of purity highly increased product yield.